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Respect is Key


                Universal Sport Karate has the goal to empower all of its students, both young and young at heart, with important and necessary skill sets to survive in the streets, as well as everyday life. USK works hard not only to instill methods of effective self-defense, but also to help students achieve confidence, control, discipline, humility, respect, and personal fitness goals.


                Universal Sport Karate is proud to offer American Kaeru-Do Karate training for its main program. Parents and students should expect and will receive instruction that prides itself on true integrity. Students will be able to achieve ranks on their own learning curve, rather than being forced to move at the instructor’s pace.


               We offer a variety of age-related standard programs to help students learn in the most effective environment. Our unique and original Tiny Dragons programs are for 3 to 5 year olds, focusing on basic Self-Defense and Life Skills. Our Kids Kickin’ It program is for students who are 6 to 12 year olds, and focuses on the traditional curriculum of AKDK, along with Self-Defense skills that are suited towards their defense against an adult attacker. Finally, our Teens & Adults program is for anyone who is 13 years old and above, focusing on all aspects of the traditional curriculum, as well as more in-depth discussion and Self-Defense techniques.


              USK also offers exclusive programs for any students who wish to go the extra mile. Our Competition Team program allows students to learn about other formats of competition beyond the ones taught in regular classes. Black Belt Club offers students opportunities to learn how to become an exceptional martial arts instructor for Universal Sport Karate classes. Black Belt Club is designed to help students achieve the opportunity to test for their Shodan Black Belt rank sooner than what they normally would. These programs are not required, but they are great opportunities to help a student reach their fullest potential.


             Universal Sport Karate also offers private lessons, demos, and seminars to anyone and everyone, USK student or not. Private lessons let martial arts students have one-on-one time with a Black Belt to help hone skills or acquire new ones. Demos allow Universal Sport Karate to showcase what it has to offer. Many academic schools host martial arts demos to inspire youth to participate in constructive after school activities. Seminars are a great option for fitness gyms or other martial arts schools. Some seminars that have been hosted in the past include Women’s Self-Defense and Competition Bo Training.


                If there are any questions that the website cannot answer for you, you wish to inquire about classes, demos, and seminars, or would like to tell us how we’re doing, feel free to contact us via the Contact form, our Facebook page, or by calling Sensei Gage at 402-699-6152.


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